What to do when we are in trouble?

When children are afflicted with hunger and thirst, they naturally remember their mother only

Every object in ti s universe is the creation of the Divine Mother. From the smallest of the organisms to the Brahma, hence we praise in the LS as Om ābrahma kīṭa jananyai namaḥ, who is the mother of everything from Brahma to the lowliest insect. As said earlier, the syllable Sri is added to depict anything that is connected to Devi.

The abode of Divine Mother is called Sri Puram, the path of Sadhana followed is known as Sri Vidya, Sri also depicts the Purusharthas (Dharma, Artha, Kama & Moksha). Out of all these Moksha is the most suspicious and ultimate aim and Devi bestows Moksha, hence she is addressed with the syllable Sri. It is because of this great souls like Sri Sankara, Sri Ramana Maharshi, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and others considered the feminine aspect of the Divine as their own Mother.

Usually people go to their Mothers to unburden their sorrow. It is said like this in the Devi Aparadha Kshamapana Stotram composed by Sri Sankara,

āpatsumagnassmaraṇaṁ tvadīyaṁ |
karōmi durgē karuṇārṇavē śivē |
naitacchaṭhatvaṁ mama bhāvayēthāḥ |
kṣudhātr̥ṣārtā jananīṁ smaranti ||

O Mother I have sunk in misfortunes and therefore remembering you now which I never did before,o Mother, you who are an ocean of compassion, Therefore do not think of me as false and my invocation as a pretence, Because when children are afflicted with hunger and thirst, they naturally remember their mother only –

matsamaḥ pātakī nāsti pāpaghnī tvatsamā na hi |
ēvaṁ jñātvā mahādēvī yathā yōgyaṁ tathā kuru ||

O Mother, There is no one as fallen like me, and there is no one as uplifting by removing sins like you, considering thus, O Mahadevi, please do whatever is proper to save me. To praise Devi, one do not need to have profound knowledge or practices in mantra or tantra. Nor one need to give huge donations to the temples or perform Japa, dhyana and study scriptures. What she needs is the innocent pure Love. That is what we need to offer to the Mother.

She is the root cause of this universe. Like the smallest invisible seed becomes a huge banyan tree and manifests as the trunk, the branches, the leaves and the fruits. If you look into each part, each one is different from the other. The branches are different from the fruits, the fruits are different from the leaves and so on. But the root cause for all these was that minute seed. In a similar way the root cause and foundation for this universe is Divine Mother.

When we make ornaments from the gold, the bangles are different from the ear stud which intern is different from the necklace but the gold in all the ornaments remain the same. In a similar way, it is Devi who is the power of consciousness that pervades the entire creation. She is the cause for this world, Jagad Karini. Hence it is with Her one should unburden your sorrows and share your joy. In happiness or sorrow, we should remember Her.

Aapadi Kim Karneeyam?
Smaraneeyam Charanayugalam Ambaayaah!

What to do when in trouble?
Think of the Lotus Feet of the Divine Mother!

All the devatas are Her control. Hence we should always remember Her feet