ഹ്രീം – ബീജാക്ഷരം (ലളിതാ ത്രിശതി 205 – 208) Hrīm – The Sacred Syllable (205 to 208 in Lalita Trishati.)

We were discussing the connected mantras in Lalita Trisati related to hrīṅ kāryai namaḥ

We were seeing the meaning of the mantra
Om hrīṁ kāryai namaḥ
(who is in the form of the syllable hrim.)
We were discussing the connected mantras in Lalita Trisati related to hrīṅ kāryai namaḥ and continuing with

Om hrīṁkārakuṇḍāgni śikhāyai namaḥ
(who is the flame of the fireplace (homa kundam) called hrim)

The most important part of the fire offering happens in the sikha (the top of the flame). The fire should be live without smoke and the tip of the flame is where the offerings are made. If the fire is not continuous or smoky it is not considered as auspicious.

Devi is compared to the most important part of the offering as the flame. This means Devi is the central aspect of the hrimkara japa sadhana. If we are chanting this by remembering Her form, it will brant us both materialistic and spiritual well-being. This is what this mantra signifies.

The next 3 mantras are familiar to us as see those in nature

Om hrīṁkāra śaśicandrikāyai namaḥ
(who is the nectar-like rays of the light of the moon called Hrim)

A person who is tired of his day’s activities, who is exhausted and worried is relieved at the sight of a soothing full moon. In a similar way, people who are delved into sadhana of chanting Her names, are relieved from worldly sorrows. Like a joyful spring after the hot summer. The chanting of a mantra received from their Guru will bestow happiness and contentment. It is like the soothing rays of the full moon.

The next mantra is Om hrīṁkāra bhāskararucayē namaḥ
(who is the luster and brightness in the sun called Hrim)

Ruchi in Sanskrit has two meanings. One is taste and another meaning is brightness. Like the clouds that clouts the Sun, the ever-shining knowledge within us are blocked by our ignorance. To understand that knowledge within us we don’t need any other knowledge as it is self-effulgent. But it is hindered by the clouds of our ignorance.

The chanting of mantras continuously and contemplating the spiritual principles will help us to remove the darkness of ignorance and reveal the light of knowledge. This highlights the importance of Sadhana and the Mantra Japa. This mantra helps us to remind that principle whenever we see the natural elements.

The next mantra is Om hrīṁkārāṁbhōdacañcalāyai namaḥ
(who is the lightning in the black clouds called Hrim)

Ambhodam is thunder clouds, cancalam is the lightning. When it rains, we see the clouds when the lighting struck. It is the lighting that shows the presence of clouds. In the same way in this materialistic world, we are unable to decipher the principle of Devi.

Devi is the foundational principle of this entire. The universe and She is the lightning or the light that shines everything else in this universe. Devi is the prime object of contemplation in the path of hrimkara sadhana.

Whenever we see the sun, moon, rain clouds, lightning, these mantras helps us to remember Mother.

cacatmikā-sarva lokeśi-viśva dhāriṇi, all these mantras of Lalita Sahasranama reminds us She is pervading in the entire universe.